Customised Online Systems

All web data, file servers, electronic mail and productivity software are managed and hosted internally. The network is also maintained internally and secured by an industrial strength firewall. Access is limited and controlled.

  • Custom-made online ordering system, ‘CPX ONLINE’, delivering full transparency with real time information on all inventory, projects, work-in-progress and expenditure. Such online solutions are in operation across Queensland with Ergon Energy and the Residential Tenancy Association.
  • Artwork and other digital files are stored in a digital asset system and made available only to authorised users.
  • Template based publishing enables users to generate event specific artwork and order customised brochures and displays. Items are available on the CPX website for customisation and can be proofed instantly. CPX has similar solutions in place which are utilised by stores and franchisees to set up and order marketing materials.
  • The IT department provides system maintenance, networking and help desk services.
  • A team of web developers provide systems for production and customer communication including production of custom web portals for clients facilitating communication and automating workflows.

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